Using Mindfulness To Overcome Your Nerves Before Teaching Fitness

“How did you get over feeling anxious before teaching?”  Can I loop you in on a secret? I’ve been teaching for over a decade and I still get incredibly nervous sometimes before teaching. Teaching fitness classes is essentially the ultimate form of public speaking. Not only are you speaking in front of a group of people, youContinue reading “Using Mindfulness To Overcome Your Nerves Before Teaching Fitness”

Your Most Important Role As A Fitness Professional

As a fitness instructor or personal trainer, you play a pivotal role in your client’s overall health, and it’s not what you think. You are in the prime position to help your clients prioritize their mental health along with their physical health. What can you do as a fitness professional to promote mental wellbeing? PrioritizeContinue reading “Your Most Important Role As A Fitness Professional”

Mindfulness While Getting Ready To Workout

Think about all the things you do to get ready for the gym. Finding the right pair of shorts or leggings, making sure you have your Hydrojug. What about all the things that are often overlooked because they happen so often?  Brushing your hair, putting on your shoes, sipping water…these are all opportunities where youContinue reading “Mindfulness While Getting Ready To Workout”

Mindfulness: The Simple (but not easy) Act of Paying Attention

What is mindfulness? It might be easier to think of times when we are not mindful. Driving home after teaching several classes back to back at the studio, pulling into your driveway and realizing you can’t remember the trip home. You were too caught up wondering if that one student liked your class. Or perhapsContinue reading “Mindfulness: The Simple (but not easy) Act of Paying Attention”

Do you REALLY need a teacher for meditation?

This is a great question to ponder, and one I’m sure you’ve asked yourself before considering enrolling in a meditation course, signing up for a live workshop/class, or booking a reservation for a mindfulness retreat. I can hear myself wondering the same thing before I began my 100 hour meditation teacher training, “Do I reallyContinue reading “Do you REALLY need a teacher for meditation?”

How Busy People Find The Time for Mindfulness & Movement: The Waiting Game

I have heard this one many times before, and I have even said it myself, “I’m so busy, I just don’t have time for _______.” I just don’t have the time to sit and meditate. I just don’t have the time to fit in a workout today. Usually the posts I’ve seen that follow upContinue reading “How Busy People Find The Time for Mindfulness & Movement: The Waiting Game”

Walking: A Moving Meditation

Seated meditation is not everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s okay. Just because you find seated meditations, especially seated meditations in silence, difficult doesn’t mean you’re bad at practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness can be found in many different activities (washing the dishes, combing your hair, coloring, petting your dog or cuddling with your cat, even goingContinue reading “Walking: A Moving Meditation”

“Where can I learn more about Mindfulness?”

Hi friends! The following is a list of apps and books that I have personally used and found to be particularly helpful in developing my own mindfulness practice. But wait, aren’t you taking away from your business by promoting these other services??? Let’s be real. Gone are the times when you have one gym membershipContinue reading ““Where can I learn more about Mindfulness?””

Mindful Movement: Walking with Awareness

If you find yourself getting sleepy or restless during other forms of meditation, a walking meditation provides an opportunity to practice mindfulness while moving. Taking a walk can also help give you a boost of energy and alertness, like a little movement espresso shot.   Normally when you go on a walk, it’s very easy to letContinue reading “Mindful Movement: Walking with Awareness”

How to Start a Mindfulness Practice

As a psychology major in college I had read all about the benefits of mindfulness. And as an anxious and overwhelmed first year, I was eager to dive into a meditation practice so I could reap those benefits. But when I first started, it went a little like this…. I bought a special cushion filledContinue reading “How to Start a Mindfulness Practice”