Meet Shelly

” I’ve found my passion: helping people turn their workouts into moving meditations. I am a firm believer that any movement practice or physical exercise should be a celebration of what our bodies and minds are capable of. ”

Shelly Morales

Shelly Morales, like many other fitness professionals, juggles several career paths. She’s a group fitness instructor, a college professor, a personal trainer, a meditation teacher, a mental health advocate, and a mindfulness mentor. The common thread that ties her work together: she’s a lifelong learner and an educator at heart. When she’s passionate about something, she’s called to teach and share it with others.

Shelly created Mindful Fit Pro as a space for other fitness professionals to learn how mindfulness can transform their teaching. Mindful Fit Pro educates fitness instructors and personal trainers how to support their clients (and their own!) mental health through mindfulness, movement, and connection.

In 2013, Shelly graduated from Claremont Graduate University with a Master’s degree in Psychology. She currently attends Claremont Graduate University as a doctoral student. Her research focuses on encouraging others to seek help for their mental health.

Shelly has worked as a health educator specializing in stress management counseling, helped organize community events where guest speakers could share their lived experience with mental health challenges, and traveled across the country to present for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

In addition to her work in the field of mental health, Shelly has worked in the fitness industry since 2011. Throughout the past decade she has taught for college recreation centers, boutique studios, and online. She has received certifications in group fitness instructor (AFAA), yoga (200 E-RYT), Pilates (NPCT), personal training (ACE), and Mindfulness Meditation (100 MTT).