About MindfulFitPro

It is very simple to be mindful…but remembering to be mindful can be very difficult.

Fully Present by Dr. Susan L. Smalley & Diana Winstone

In 2022, the Mindful Fit Pro, was created by Shelly Morales as a resource for group exercise instructors, personal trainers, and all other fitness professionals passionate about supporting both the mental and physical well-being of their clients.

With over a decade of experience teaching classes that emphasize the mind-body connection, Shelly has witnessed how adding even short mindfulness practices to her teaching transformed the feedback from her students.

“Good class, thank you,” became “That was perfect, just what I needed. How did you know???”

Shelly created Mindful Fit Pro to help other fitness professionals learn how to incorporate mindfulness into their own programming. Adding mindfulness techniques to group class and personal training sessions helps students build emotional resilience and find the joy in movement amidst their ever busy and stressful lives.

In order for your students to get the most out of their time with you, they need guidance in how to set clear intentions, instruction in how to remain focused, and compassionate encouragement when things get difficult. Unfortunately, most certification programs and courses for fitness professionals, do not include training in mindfulness. As a result, many are left struggling with how to re-engage with clients when they get distracted and at a loss with what to do when they face setbacks.

MindfulFitPro also exists to help instructors and trainers learn how they can support their client’s mental health. Shelly regularly teaches Mental Health First Aid courses so others can learn the signs of mental health challenges, practice initiating conversations about mental health, and navigate the professional and community-based resources available in their area. She recognizes the unique and potentially life-changing impact fitness professionals can have on people’s lives and believes every instructor and trainer should also know what to do if they think their client is struggling with their mental health.