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New Year, Be You: How to set New Year’s Resolutions without Overwhelm

The new year brings with it a surge of motivation for many people. Let’s call this the resolution rush. The resolution rush has everyone excited to start fresh. The gym floor is crowded. Studio waitlists are packed. Seems like all anyone is talking about is how they’re going to make BIG changes this year. We’re…

What to look for in a therapist?

Finding the right therapist can feel a little bit like navigating the world of dating.  Much like someone trying out a new personal trainer or group class for the first time, whether or not someone comes back is not just based on how much they sweat. People base their decisions on whether or not to…

How to know when it’s time to add mindfulness to your fitness classes:

It’s quite difficult to stay in the present moment. Even outside of the gym or studio, our brains like to toggle between past-mind and future-mind. And for our students, working out is often accompanied by difficult thoughts and emotions: frustration over not seeing changes quick enough, or thoughts of being “less than” or “not enough”…

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