Mental Health First Aid

You’re there to support their physical health, now you can feel equipped to help them with their mental health too.

You do so much more than just encourage people to move their bodies.

You’re a cheerleader, an accountability partner, and a confidant.

Your clients open up to you about their lives, both the ups and the down.

And there’s probably been times when you were worried about their mental health.

Times when clients shared the difficult thoughts and challenging emotions they’re facing, but you didn’t know what to say or how you can help.

You’re unsure what you can actually do or if it would even make a difference.

You want to show you care and express your concern but you’re afraid of saying the wrong thing.

Or maybe you don’t know where to begin when looking for professional mental health services.

You don’t need to be a counselor or a therapist to help your client when they face a mental health challenge.

What you need is an action plan.

A plan that will help you spot when someone needs extra support, find the words to show you care, and feel prepared to open the door to conversations about mental health.

Mental Health First Aid can help you do all of this and more.

  • Self-paced online course (2 hrs.)
  • Live interactive instructor-led training to practice applying Mental Health First Aid action steps (7.5 hrs)
  • Evidence-based and evaluation-backed training
  • Enroll for just $99 $170
  • Follow-up coaching calls and continuing education offered
  • Option to get certified in one day or spread the training out over two days!



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Upcoming Training Dates

ONE-DAY Virtual Mental Health First Aid:

November 18th 2023 8:00AM – 3:30PM (PST)

December 12th 2023 8:00AM – 3:30PM (PST)

Don’t see a training date that works for you?

Email and we can set up a private training for your gym or studio!

Mental Health First Aid has become a full-blown movement in the United States — with more than 3 million people certified and that number is growing every day.

As a Mental Health First Aider you can..

  • Hold space for your clients to openly share what they’re struggling with, without feeling like you’re adding more weight to your own shoulders.
  • Feel comfortable asking the tough questions and initiating conversations with your clients’ about their mental health.
  • Know what to say to provide reassurance and encourage clients to seek help when needed.
  • Feel better equipped to cope with the often stressful and unique demands of being a fitness professional, because we do so much more than just teach!

People certified in Mental Health First Aid learn how to:

  1. Understand the significance of mental health. Recognize the critical importance of mental health as a public health concern, recognizing its impact on both individuals and communities.
  2. Debunk myths and establish facts. Differentiate between common myths and factual information surrounding mental health challenges, reducing stigma and fostering understanding.
  3. Identify varied risk factors and warning signs. Recognize a spectrum of signs and symptoms that may indicate someone is experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge.
  4. Inquire with empathy and compassion. Develop the skills to approach and initiate conversations about mental health concerns while respecting the individual’s values and beliefs.
  5. Acknowledge protective factors and sources of support. Identify the professionals who can diagnose and treat mental health challenges and understand evidence-based self-help strategies that promote mental well-being.
  6. Enhance intervention skills. Demonstrate increased knowledge, skills, and self-efficacy to intervene effectively when individuals face mental health and substance use challenges.
  7. Build referral networks and access resources. Gain the ability to describe and locate mental health professionals and resources within the community and understand how to access them for individuals in need of further assistance.

By completing Mental Health First Aid training, participants will be better equipped to provide timely and compassionate support to clients in crisis or in need of additional support, ultimately contributing to a safer and more supportive community for individuals facing mental health challenges.

You must be 18 years or older to attend this course. Private courses are also available. If you’d like to set up a private course for your studio or gym, please contact

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