Teaching Fitness with Purpose: Setting Class Themes with Intention

Class themes give fitness instructors a powerful tool to elevate their classes, infusing them with purpose and inspiration. In this blog post, I share an easy method for creating class themes that resonate with your students.

As fitness instructors, we know that every class we lead is a unique opportunity to inspire, motivate, and guide our participants on their fitness journey. While the physical aspects of the workout are essential, have you ever considered the power of infusing your classes with purpose through themes and intentions?

The benefits of a class theme extend far beyond the physical workout. A well-chosen theme inspires your class participants. It gives them a reason to show up beyond just moving their bodies. It taps into their deeper motivations, reminding them of why they committed to their fitness journey in the first place.

Themes also provide focus and direction. They help participants concentrate on the task at hand, whether it’s a challenging exercise or a moment of stillness.

A carefully crafted theme can also create a sense of unity among your participants. It fosters a shared experience that goes beyond the workout, strengthening the bonds between the people in your classes or the studio/gym members as a whole.

Fitness classes with a well thought-out theme give students a sense of purpose. When class participants feel a sense of purpose in your class, they’ll keep coming back for the physical and mental benefits, and to see the creative ways you choose to integrate class themes.

Setting the Stage: Choosing a Class Theme

Whether you are planning a single class, a special event, or a studio-wide challenge, choosing a theme can add depth and meaning to the entire experience. Having a class theme is like having a guiding light for your fitness session. It’s a central idea or concept that sets the tone and intention for the entire class.

You can opt for universal concepts, such as strength, gratitude, perseverance, balance, and self-care, to create a relatable and inspiring theme. Or you might come up with unique themes that correspond with the changing seasons or the goals of the event.

A well-chosen theme can help set the tone for the occasion and make it more memorable for all those involved. Here are three tips for how to choose and implement a class theme effectively:

  1. Reflect on what your class needs. Consider the needs, aspirations, and challenges of your participants. What resonates with them? What would inspire them to push themselves further? Tailor your theme to address their unique experiences.
  2. Stay true to you and your teaching style. Your theme should align with your teaching style and the format of your class. Whether it’s a high-intensity boot camp style class or a restorative yoga session, your theme should enhance the overall experience.
  3. Keep it simple. Themes don’t need to be complex. In fact, simplicity often resonates most profoundly. A single word or phrase, like “courage” or “finding balance,” can be incredibly impactful. Concise and direct themes are also easier to integrate into your cueing throughout class.

Once you’ve chosen your theme, weave it throughout the entire class. Use it in the warm-up to introduce the intentions of the class, use it when choosing which exercises will get added to your lesson plan, use it to offer encouragement, and tie back to the them throughout class during moments of reflection. Make it a common thread that connects every aspect of your class, or even multiple classes throughout that week.

Setting a class theme isn’t just about what you teach; it’s about the lasting impact you create. So, the next time you open your class notebook and put on your instructor hat, consider the power of a class theme and the profound difference it can make in your fitness classes.

In this blog post I shared why fitness instructors should make it a practice to set class themes and highlighted the value class themes can bring to both the instructor and participants. I also provided three recommendations for selecting class themes.

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I’d love to hear what class themes you plan on using in upcoming classes and how you’ll weave this theme into your lesson plan. Drop a comment below so we can all pull inspiration from one another!

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