Arrival Practice for Group Fitness Instructors: Transition into Mindful Movement

As a group fitness instructor, you want to create an environment where your students can feel comfortable, focused, and ready to move. But how do you help them transition from their busy day to a space that’s more conducive of mindful movement? In the video below, I share an example of an arrival practice that you can use in your group fitness classes to help your students arrive and settle in.

In this arrival practice, I guide my students through an exploration of their breath. They’ll note the pace, depth (i.e., where they can feel the breath in the body), and the sound of their breath to help them settle in to the present moment. By helping students connect with their breath, you can set the stage for a more intentional and enjoyable workout; one where their mind is hopefully not ruminating about that argument they had with their partner or mentally drafting their grocery list while trying to listen to your cues.

If you’re a group fitness instructor, or even a personal trainer, looking to create a more mindful experience for your students, be sure to check out the video below (or catch it on The Mindful Fit Pro podcast) for an example how you can use an arrival practice to transition your class into a more present head space for your time together.

There are many ways to make this practice your own. You can shorten it to beginning class with three intentional breaths, or perhaps you allow students to come in early so they can have a longer time for their own meditation practice before you get moving. I recommend starting each of your classes with a similar arrival practice each time so that students become familiar with it. Eventually you might use less and less guidance and allow for more free space for students to go through their own arrival practice.

If you do use this arrival practice in your classes, I’d love to hear how it helps your students and clients settle in and get ready for a great class!

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