“Where can I learn more about Mindfulness?”

Hi friends! The following is a list of apps and books that I have personally used and found to be particularly helpful in developing my own mindfulness practice.

But wait, aren’t you taking away from your business by promoting these other services???

Let’s be real. Gone are the times when you have one gym membership and one online subscription. I know you do, because I do. I have multiple teachers and I want you to have multiple teachers! We learn from one another and we don’t exist in a virtual vacuum. So please, try new apps and try new teachers. My only request is if you learn something really cool you share it with others and hopefully me 🙂

Plus, I know I have something unique to offer. I know my own prerecorded meditations are different because they’re written by me and based on my own experiences. And I know my Live group and private meditation classes are different because they allow us to work together in developing your mindfulness practice. I will continue to offer my On Demand meditations and Live classes so you can continue to work directly with me, your own mindfulness coach, but I also want to share the love and promote these other incredible resources available to you.

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Mobile Mindfulness Apps

The following apps have free content and some have additional content available if you purchase an annual subscription (check for teacher/student discounts because many apps provide them!). This is a growing list, check back frequently for new additions to the list.

The following apps have a free trial and then require a subscription to access content.

Books about Mindfulness

The following is a list of books that I highly recommend for anyone interested in learning more about mindfulness. These books not only provide insight into what academic research reveals about the many benefits of mindfulness but they also provide descriptions and instructions for different mindfulness techniques and real stories of transformation. Please note, some of these links are affiliate links I have created with my Amazon Affiliate account, this means I could get a percentage of any sales made by clicking on these links.

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