The Mindful Fit Pro Mentorship

Hey instructor, I see you…

You pour your heart into planning the perfect class but once it’s over you end up second guessing whether people really liked it.

You’re called to help others find the joy of movement but you’re not sure what sets you apart from all the other instructors or millions of fitfluencers on social media.

You’re quick to help out by picking up open classes but you secretly dread subbing because you just know you’ll never measure up what people in class are expecting.

Teaching literally lights you up inside but you’re struggling to find time for what made you fall in love with fitness to begin with and your own workouts have turned into class planning sessions.

You don’t need another certification or even packed classes to feel completely within your element as a fitness instructor.

That’s because inner confidence doesn’t come from external validation and recognition, past achievements, or how many continuing education credits you’ve collected. It comes from within you. Confidence blossoms from action and and action sprouts from trust. It comes from knowing you are capable. It comes when you feel safe to be yourself.

What you need is a support system you can trust and confide in when you don’t know all the answers. A group of your peers that validates your feelings and understands the unique struggles of a fitness instructor. A group where you feel safe to take action and aren’t afraid of making mistakes. What you need is guidance and community.

What you need is mentorship.

The Mindful Fit Pro Mentorship is a coaching program for fitness professionals looking to ditch “fake it til you make it,” and become the instructor that leads truly transformational classes.

Unlock your potential.

The Mindful Fit Pro Mentorship is a heart centered, whole person, mindfulness-based approach to supporting your growth as a fitness professional.

With the Mindful Fit Pro Mentorship, you will…


Establish rituals to embody what it means to be mindful as a fitness professional.


Build confidence and gain clarity on what sets your teaching style apart.


Transform routine workouts into moving meditations.

So what’s the goal of The Mindful Fit Pro Mentorship?

I want you to feel confident in your ability to navigate all the ups and downs of working as a fitness instructor and provide unforgettable experiences in your classes. That means sharing evidence-based strategies from the field of positive psychology, mindfulness techniques that are easy to implement in your classes or day to day, and wisdom from other talented fitness professionals.

From struggling to find the best cues to infuse themes of hope and resilience in your classes, to knowing what to do when no one in class is paying attention, to regaining your stride after that unexpected robocall interrupts your epic playlist, or wondering when you’ll ever find time for self practice again, The Mindful Fit Pro Mentorship is here to help.

Whether you teach Pilates, aquatic classes, HIIT, or anything that gets people moving, you have the opportunity to turn your classes into engaging and memorable experiences that people look forward to all week!

Incorporating mindfulness into your own life and your teaching, can make all the difference in how you are able to show up for your students and the impact you have on their lives.

Wait, mindfulness? But I can’t stand sitting still. I need to MOVE. I am a fitness instructor after all.

Yes, mindfulness. But I think you’ll be surprised to see how easily moments of mindfulness can present themselves in your life inside and outside of the gym.

Mindfulness can be integrated into your morning routine before opening the studio or infused within your classes to help encourage clients when you see “I can’t do that!” written all over their faces after demoing a new exercise.

The Mindful Fit Pro Mentorship helps fitness professionals who are stuck in go-go-go mode to slow down and still feel productive.

Practice living in the present, so you can… 

find more moments of mindfulness in your day and acts of self-care that don’t feel selfish.

build resiliency and stop letting huge blocks of classes drain your energy.

notice when your class is distracted or lost in thought and guide them back with ease.

What’s included?

Guided Meditations

Mindfulness practices and exercises to start your week with intention and end with thoughtful reflection.

Group Q&A

Collaborate with other fitness instructors and share your questions during monthly group coaching calls.


A a part of the Mentorship, you’ll get access to all Mindful Fit Pro workshops and masterclasses.

✨ 1:1 Coaching ✨

You’ll work closely with Shelly to discuss your own unique goals and development as a fitness professional during 30 min. coaching calls. The Mentorship includes one individual coaching call each month, with the ability to schedule more a la carte.

Get crystal clear on what makes YOU an awesome instructor, so you can… 

teach to your strengths rather than trying to be everyone’s favorite instructor.

stop mimicking instructors you look up to and finally feel good enough to show up as you are.

inspire your classes to show up authentically and step into the studio with confidence.

The Mindful Fit Pro Mentorship focuses on…

Your Mind

Create rituals to feel centered before, during, and after teaching. Learn grounding techniques to refocus yourself and your class.

Your Teaching

Plan classes with intention and cue with purpose. Build a community of people who look forward to moving together every week.

Your Life

Build your dream schedule that doesn’t require you to live at the studio. Find time for self-practice that doesn’t turn into class prep.

Lean on the power of psychology, so you can… 

inspire intrinsic motivation and fill your classes with students who WANT to workout.

stop worrying what others think of your classes and be a “class half full” kind of instructor.

notice when your cues aren’t landing and pivot without getting flustered or embarrassed.

Hello hello! I’m Shelly.

I’m a fitness instructor, a psychology professor, a mindfulness coach, and your guide in The Mindful Fit Pro Mentorship. 

I’ve had the honor of helping others find joy in movement since I started teaching group fitness in college. Since those early days in a one room campus recreation center, I’ve led numerous trainings for fitness professionals in university and studio settings.

At first, when I started teaching, it felt like I was throwing spaghetti at a wall, tossing out cues aimlessly and seeing what stuck. I’d watch monthly choreo releases and attempt to “copy paste” them into my own classes.

I’d take classes taught by instructors I looked up to, all while mentally taking note of what I’d do similarly or differently. I’d try to imitate what I saw work for them. 

And it worked, a bit. But I still struggled to SEE myself as a fitness professional. I still felt stuck in the land of imposters.  Copying others made it so hard to figure out who I was as an instructor.

I eventually got to a point where I was teaching on auto-pilot, a point that I originally thought would’ve been a sign that I really knew what I was doing. If I could do something with my eyes closed, I must be good at it, right? I’ll spoil it for you: I was wrong.  

Teaching on auto-pilot turned into going through the motions. Going through the motions meant tuning out. And tuning out meant my mind was looking for things to busy itself with (I’m very good at keeping busy lol). So it went straight to all my old stories. 

“You don’t know what you’re doing. How can you teach others when you don’t know anything?”

“No one likes your classes. They say so just to be polite.” 

Listening to my very harsh, and very loud, inner critic meant I wasn’t showing up for my students. I was holding back. I was buying into all my fears. 

Fears of no one showing up to my classes. Fears of not knowing what to do if someone came in with a health condition I wasn’t familiar with. Fears of stumbling over my words in class or blanking on what came next. Fears of ultimately not being enough no matter how hard I tried.

I tried to pull myself out of it by doing what I do best, being a student.  This meant lots of self-guided learning, pacing the aisles of Barnes & Nobles, and attending as many classes and workshops as I could find.  And when everyone was thrown into the online space in 2020, I was signing up for certification after certification, a handful of which I have yet to finish and none of which made me feel any more sure of myself as a fitness professional.

What I was missing was staring me in the face the whole time. It’s the whole reason I fell in love with fitness, and particularly group fitness, to begin with. 

The first puzzle piece was mindfulness. For my own personal workouts, I’d always been drawn to the connection between mind and body in a workout. Even in non-traditional mind-body classes I’d try to add an element of mindfulness into my movement practices. Yoga was time for inner observation. Walking my dog was an opportunity to become aware of the present moment. Running was a chance to find myself in a flow state.  

The other puzzle piece was community. I was missing interaction with other fitness instructors. The ability to bounce ideas off of one another before class. The sense of connection and camaraderie when hearing someone else share they were facing the same fears I had. 

Mentorship and coaching helped me get back in line with the growth mindset that preceded my fears and doubts. Working with a mentor and in a coaching container with other fitness professionals helped me find and embrace my own teaching identity, one where I didn’t need to “fake it” or mimic others I looked up to. One where my two fields, fitness and psychology, could merge into one. Thus the Mindful Fit Pro was created. 

It wasn’t until I started filling my own classes with acts of mindfulness and teaching from a place that honored my authentic self, that I no longer worried about being “good enough” for others. I know I’m enough. 

With the Mindful Fit Pro Mentorship, I want to help other fitness instructors facing the same fears I once had. I want to share how mindfulness can impact not just your teaching but your life outside of the studio. I want to create a space for fitness instructors to recognize their authentic self, teach to their strengths, and realize they are already incredibly talented. 

You’re already a great instructor, sometimes you just need help believing it. 

The Mindful Fit Pro LLC was created for group exercise instructors and personal trainers who want to transform their classes into moving meditations and support their clients’ overall wellbeing.

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