Class Formats

All of my classes are multi-level. A multi-level approach allows you to come as you are, with no expectation of perfection. My goal is that each class provides a sense of accomplishment if you are just starting out and plenty of opportunities for progression if you are a seasoned mover. In each class, you’ll review foundational movements with opportunities to reach for more challenge or tone it down, depending on how you are feeling in that moment.

A mind-body practice focusing on integration of the breath and movement through a series of postures. Expect to feel centered, aligned with your intentions, and a good stretch while we’re at it!
Equipment recommended: mat, yoga blocks, resistance bands

A system of exercises designed to strengthen the core, develop flexibility, and improve posture. Expect to feel lengthened and toned!
Equipment recommended: mat, magic circle, small ball, light hand weights

A blend of yoga, Pilates, and dance. Expect to feel the burn!
Equipment recommended: mat, a barre (you can use a counter top, table, or purchase a BootyKicker), gliders, small ball, light hand weights

A functional training workout (training for daily life) with intervals of high intensity work followed by periods of rest. Expect short bursts of activity where you can challenge yourself.
Equipment needed: light hand weights

Specialty Classes

TRX Flow/Suspension Pilates
A fusion class that incorporates the principles of Pilates and translates movements from Pilates, Yoga, and Barre to the suspension trainer. Expect to feel both supported and challenged by the suspension trainer.
Equipment needed: TRX or other suspension trainer

Yoga for Strength
A modern take on an ancient class, Yoga for Strength combines the mindful movements of Vinyasa style yoga with strength training and short cardio intervals. In this class you have the opportunity to use light hand weights, resistance bands, and your own body weight to strengthen and challenge your muscles in new ways.
Equipment needed: two sets of hand weights (I recommend 3-5 lbs.), a resistance band

Cardio Yoga
Dynamic asana (physical postures of yoga) in a flowing signature series to get the heart rate up. Expect to get sweaty and feel empowered!

Equipment needed: YOU (that’s all, just your beautiful self!) and a clear space to move

Sunrise Flow
I like to call this the “Morning Cup of Joe Flow” inspired by Joseph Pilates’ classical mat exercises and a Vinyasa style yoga class. This class is focused on easing into movement, aligning with your intentions, and focusing in on the breath so you can gain momentum for accomplishing your goals the rest of your day.
Equipment needed: yoga mat, yoga blocks, yoga strap (belt or bathrobe tie), bolster (pillow or rolled up towel)

Yin Yoga
Yin yoga is a gentle moving meditation, a restorative slow paced yoga class that compliments a more active asana or movement practice. Each pose is held for 3-8 minutes with the support of props to make our time in each pose more comfortable. Equipment needed: blankets or towels, yoga blocks, yoga strap (belt or bathrobe tie), bolster (pillow or rolled up towel)

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