The life of a fitness instructor often goes a little something like this…

You lay awake at night, thinking of all the ways tomorrow’s class might not go as planned. What if someone brand new shows up? What if someone has an unexpected injury? Will you be able to pivot? Will the speaker system randomly stop working?

The next day, you arrive at the studio, a little surprised you can’t even recall the trip there. Probably because you were caught up listening to your playlist one last time as you drove. Okay, more like creating your playlist, but hey you got it done right?

As you set up before class, you find yourself simultaneously listening to clients with one ear as you adjust equipment and mentally rehearse your notes for class.

Once class starts, you become preoccupied with worrying whether or not that one member actually likes what you’ve planned for today. And it’s not long before you catch yourself cueing on autopilot, never pausing to notice if your words are actually resonating with your students, and terrified you won’t know how to grab the reigns again if you do notice everyone’s doing their own thing.

As you finish wrapping up class, you notice you’re out of breath. Did you even stop cueing once?

Sounds kind of familiar, right?

Given all that you do, just in the few minutes before class is about to begin and all the moments leading up to it, it’s not surprising that practicing mindfulness as a fitness professional feels so difficult. Our lives are built around constantly moving from one thing to the next, multitasking along the way. But what would it feel like to slow down? How would it feel to return to the present?

Have you ever found yourself…

  • looking around the studio and wondering why everyone seems so distracted?
  • unable to shake off that feeling of self-doubt that creeps up before class?
  • scarfing down lunch between classes, and realizing once you’re done that you didn’t even taste your food?
  • struggling to pay attention during instructor meetings?

The life of a fitness instructor can feel pretty overwhelming. Caught up in the hustle of the fitness industry, it can be hard to imagine slowing down enough to experience anything different.

What if you could…

  • Be more present in the here and now, instead of getting caught up imagining what people thought of your last class or worrying about how your next one will go?
  • Handle the physical and mental demands of working as a fitness instructor and learn how to hit the pause button when you start to feel overwhelmed?
  • Befriend your nervous system, so you can greet self-doubt and criticism with compassion?
  • Increase your resilience to coping with stress and finally slow down, without the guilt?

The Mindful Fit Pro 8-Week Immersion is designed to walk you through everything you need to fully understand mindfulness and establish a daily practice you can actually stick to. You’ll learn how to craft a practice that’s uniquely yours and how to weave mindfulness into your fitness classes. Not only will you get to experience the profound effects mindfulness can have on your life, you’ll help your students slow down, recenter, and de-stress.

Your mindfulness journey begins January 8th, 2024

For a while now, we’ve known the power of mindfulness. Research has shown the positive effect mindfulness can have on overall happiness, symptoms of depression, anger, and anxiety. A higher degree of mindfulness is also associated with improved immune system functioning and heart health, not to mention the mental health benefits of improved concentration and mental clarity.

You know this. You may have even promoted mindfulness to the people in your fitness classes.

So if practicing mindfulness holds such powerful potential for our wellbeing, why aren’t we all doing it every day?

The reason is often that we need more guidance and support than simply downloading an app or watching a YouTube video. We need to better understand the underlying processes behind mindfulness. We need the support of an instructor and peers to discuss and troubleshoot our mindfulness practice with.

This program is perfect for you if:

You’re curious about mindfulness and how you can use it to improve your classes but you want to commit to developing your own personal practice first.

You’ve tried meditation or mindfulness before, and it didn’t quite work out like you wanted it to.

You want to know the nuts and bolts behind the practice of mindfulness and approach it in a science-based way

In this training, you will benefit from:

  • An examination of mindfulness in the broader context of our work as fitness instructors and how we teach
  • Understanding the foundation of psychological processes that mindfulness rests upon and the research that backs its transformative power
  • A detailed handbook with worksheets, journal prompts, and “homework” to practice each week
  • A community of fellow fitness professionals to connect with and learn from
  • Mentorship from a certified instructor to help you troubleshoot barriers to mindfulness.

Online Course

Deep dive into a specific element of mindfulness each week as course content is released in modules.

Guided Practices

Short informal and formal practices you can use to weave mindfulness into your daily routine.

Virtual Workshops

Each week, we’ll meet to discuss how mindfulness impacts your teaching and life as a fitness instructor.

Course Schedule

Week 0: Introductions

Week 1: The Foundations of Mindfulness

Week 2: Turning Off Autopilot

Week 3: Awareness of The Present Moment

Week 4: Letting Go

Week 5: How to Respond vs. React

Week 6: Showing Up As You Are

Week 7: Mindful Connections

Week 8: Moving Towards Resilience

Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll learn how to…

  • Catch yourself in thought spirals while teaching
  • Form strong connections with the people you teach
  • Recognize when it’s time to switch things up in your teaching
  • Cope with and respond to stress in the studio
  • Receive feedback without it leading to self-doubt
  • Bounce back from mistakes you make while teaching


I’m Shelly, and I’m here to help you stay present even as a busy fitness instructor. I’ll be your instructor over the eight weeks we’ll spend together in this course.

I’ve been teaching classes that emphasize the mind-body connection since 2011 and have found mindfulness to be the secret sauce to turning everyday workouts into moving meditations, but this wasn’t always easy for me.

Believe it or not though, I really struggled with starting my own personal mindfulness meditation practice. I could never find the time to sit and the discomfort I felt from the thoughts that came up when I did, made me question how anyone could find this relaxing in the slightest. But when my anxiety around teaching and the pressure I placed on myself to please every member that came into the studio became too much for me to continuing carrying, and ultimately led to burnout, I decided to give mindfulness another try. And I’m so glad I did.

Instead of going it on my own, I enrolled in a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course, started taking classes with a mindfulness meditation instructor, and opened myself up to looking at mindfulness in new ways. I learned that my original expectations surrounding mindfulness weren’t even really what the practice was even about.

I had been caught up focusing on the destination (i.e., peace, contentment, less stress) that I’d failed to recognize that mindfulness was more a journey, a continuous practice, and meditation just one of the vehicles I could use. Yoga, walking, communicating with friends, and intentional rest were some of the others. I learned I could practice mindfulness while out walking my dog, waiting in line at the grocery store, meeting new clients and listening to their stories, or even while re-racking weights after class. It seemed a natural progression when in 2020 I decided to enroll in a mindfulness meditation teacher training and since then I’ve been sharing mindfulness with other fitness instructors who also have a hard time “sitting still and doing nothing.”

I created 8 Weeks to Mindfulness first and foremost to help fitness professionals give back to themselves and not feel guilty for slowing down, and to help instructors like you create a mindfulness practice that works.

The Mindful Fit Pro LLC was created for group exercise instructors and personal trainers who want to transform their classes into moving meditations and support their clients’ overall wellbeing.

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