Mindful Fit Pro Lesson Planner

Group fitness instructors, personal trainers, and fitness professionals will save time (and can ditch the pile of random spiral notebooks) with this new planner! Whether you’re an instructor for yoga, Pilates, barre, cycling, strength training, or anything in between, this planner has you covered.

A detailed planner, this planner allows you to prep for classes by organizing your thoughts before class. Each class has a section for class name, date/time, playlist, motivational quotes, class themes, goals and more!

The Fitness Instructor Lesson Planner is available in a variety of different covers so you can find a planner that fits your personal style and I’m always open to suggestions for cover art!

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The Fitness Instructor Lesson Planner includes space to plan up to 25 classes, with ten sections in each class plan so you can organize a well-rounded workout.

Each class plan includes sections to write out

  • the focus (i.e., Upper Body, Planks)
  • equipment set up
  • exercise names
  • reps, sets, time, or song that goes with each exercise

Larger section space is provided for warm up and cool-down or class closure.

After class, jot down notes in the space provided so you can track what went well, what you can improve, and any feedback from your students, gym members, or personal training clients. There is also space to evaluate your classes by tracking functional movements (i.e., Squat, Lunge, Bend & Lift), planes of motion, and spinal movements within each class so you know you are teaching a well-rounded workout.

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