Reforming the Reformer: Bringing the Pilates Reformer to the Mat

You’ll need a medium/heavy resistance band for this Pilates mat class.

Turn your body and mat into your very own at-home Pilates reformer! In this class, you’ll use a long resistance band (a Theraband or even an old pair of stockings can work) to “reform the reformer.”

I’m so excited! This is the culmination of a month long challenge I did with the talented Brittany LaBotz of @blitzbodypilates on Instagram! For the whole month of September we showed you how to take some of your favorite Pilates exercises from the reformer and bring them to your mat with just a few props. I used a few of those same exercises, along with some new ones, to create this full-length class.

In true Move with Shelly fashion, this class provides lots of opportunities to deepen your mind-body connection and I sprinkle in some stretches too 🙂

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