Mindful Masterclass

Certifications and comprehensive training prepare us for know the ins and outs of anatomy, exercise science, and how to use an ever-growing list of apparatus and equipment. 

But where do you learn how to keep clients engaged? 

WHERE do you learn how to keep your client motivated to continue with their workout schedule as they travel this summer???

WHEN do you learn how to reach the client who goes through their entire workout with one AirPod in their ear, half listening to you and half listening to a work meeting????

WHY is it that you can shout from the rooftop all the benefits of physical activity (or mindfulness meditation) and yet people still would rather hit snooze than wake up for your 8am class???????

The missing link? 


The science is simple, yet missing from most teacher trainings. The next Mindful Masterclass brings you the latest in the fascinating fields of psychology and neuroscience, and showcases new research in the field of motivation that can help transform your work as fitness professionals. 

Mindful Masterclass: The Science of Motivation on July 27th at 11am PST

We’ll meet virtually via Zoom

Registration: $50

What exactly motivates us to workout???

A quick Instagram search of “fitness motivation” ain’t it. Pictures of other’s is not what actually motivates people to work out. It might spark initial interest but it’s not what’s going to keep students coming back to your classes. 

As a fitness professional you want to attract clients that are motivated to work out but when that motivation lulls, as it inevitably will, what’s an instructor to do? 

You want to fill your classes with students eager to be there, but what do you when people no-show or cancel at the last minute?

Fitness motivation, what actually motivates your clients to workout, is not too different from what motivates us to do anything else in life 😊 

I made my next Mindful Masterclass for instructors and personal trainers that want to deep dive into the latest research in neuroscience and social psychology to see what really MOVES their clients. 

For the instructor that’s always going the extra mile but still feels like they’re missing some secret formula to client retention. 

There’s no secret, just evidence-based best practices and research that probably wasn’t mentioned in your training manuals when you got certified. 

In the Mindful Masterclass “The Science of Motivation,” we’ll deep dive into some of the foundational theories of motivation, review the current research as it applies to the world of fitness, and look ahead to how we can apply these findings to our own group fitness classes and personal training sessions. 

We’re going deeper than that little section of your teacher training manual that covers the theory of planned behavior and stages of change. We’re talking tried and true (read: evidence based!) strategies for actually boosting your client’s INTRINSIC motivation to move more and be mindful. 

If you’re called to transform your teaching and learn how to help your students become life-long movers (read: forever clients!) hurry and register now while there’s still some spots left.

Continuing Education:

This virtual workshop has been approved for 2 non-contact Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance. Please contact mindfulfitpro@gmail.com upon registering if you’d like to receive CECs for participating in this workshop.