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December’s Spotlight shines on Klaudia Paletta

Klaudia Paletta is a bilingual yoga, meditation, and sound facilitator.  For the past two years she has taught in the Ventura and Oxnard areas of California.  Klaudia is the co-founder of Primas Colectivas, a collaborative of Latinx wellness practitioners focused on bringing yoga, meditation, movement and sound practices to their community and supporting wellness offerings for the Latinx community.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Klaudia since we both attended a mindfulness meditation teacher training at the start of 2020 and was excited to dive into the following questions with her.

How do you define mindfulness?  Mindfulness to me is being fully aware of the present moment. It’s intentionally being present. 

What does your mindfulness practice look like?  My mindfulness practice varies depending on how I am feeling. I would love to say that I sit down for meditation daily however that would be a lie.  Some days I walk, some days I sit, and some days my mindfulness practice is journaling. My go to practice is a body scan to help ground me in the present moment. 

How do you incorporate mindfulness in your classes? My main focus when I lead classes is awareness of breath and what is happening in the moment as we share space, meeting the moment as it is happening and meeting ourselves with compassion, and noticing what sensations are present in the body. 

Why is mindfulness an important part of your teaching?  For me it starts from the moment I begin to plan the class. I set an intention. I believe that setting an intention and moving from this place, will guide the class in a way that invites the student to be present. During class, I reminded them to come back to the here and the now. To ground into the present moment. 

You can see more of Klaudia’s work by following her on social media (she’s @pinkmeansgo on Instagram) or by visiting her website  www.pinkmeansgo.com. This month she is partnering with movement instructor and pole dancer Christina Lares to lead the Awaken Your Sexy workshop on December 11th from 4pm-7pm.

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