Mindful Fit Pro Spotlight

Each month we shine a spotlight on a personal trainer, fitness instructor, or coach that embodies the values and traits of a Mindful Fit Pro. These fitness professionals lead with compassion, promote the positive impact movement can have on mental health, and incorporate mindfulness into their teaching in unique ways.

Recent Mindful Fit Pro Spotlights:

June 2023 – Coming soon Please email mindfulfitpro@gmail.com with your nominations!
May 2023 – Coming soon! Could you be the next Mindful Fit Pro?
Claudia Cruz – April 2023
Lisa Eppen – Feb. 2023
Angie Reens – Jan. 2023
Klaudia Paletta – Dec. 2022

If you’d like to nominate someone you know to be featured in an upcoming Mindful Fit Pro Spotlight, please email Shelly at mindfulfitpro@gmail.com.

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