Mindful Fit Pro Spotlight

February’s Spotlight shines on Lisa Eppen.

Lisa Eppen has taught Pilates for the past 13 years. She currently owns and operates her own home-based virtual Pilates business called INHALE EXHALE. Lisa also helps other Pilates instructors by coaching them on personal mindset, confidence, and adding more teaching tools to their toolbox.

Lisa’s mindfulness routine was so similar to mine, we both think outside of the box and try to incorporate mindfulness into our everyday activities not just seated meditation. You can get to know more about Lisa’s mindfulness practice and how she highlights mindfulness in her teaching by reading below.

What does mindfulness mean to you?  I define mindfulness as a state of being where you are conscious of what is happening in the present moment with as little distractions as possible and no judgement or that annoying monkey chatter in between your ears. 

What does your mindfulness practice look like? I have a handful of mindfulness practices. Sometimes it’s my body freestyling on the mat. Sometimes it’s watering my plants. Sometimes it’s eating a snack. Sometimes it’s breathwork in the middle of the day. Sometimes it’s savoring each second cuddling with my dog. Sometimes it’s walking in nature and taking in all senses such as smell, visuals, sounds, temperature.

My go to practice is a 5-10 minute free style movement routine on the mat with some intentional breathwork at the end. Is it consistent? Heck no! I’m a human that gets overwhelmed easy and runs around like a crazy woman most of the time.

Why is mindfulness an important part of your teaching? In my teaching experience, I found that mindfulness can increase students’ ability to learn and stay engaged without getting overwhelmed, frustrated or stressed. A grounded, curious and mindful student is one happy mindful teacher.

When I’m being mindful as the teacher, my teaching intentions are clearer. I’m able to read the student and connect with not just their body but to see them as a whole…mind, body and spirit. 

How do you incorporate mindfulness in your classes? I often start the class or session with either a breathwork exercise or guide the student/s to a body scan. I also like to offer in depth cueing using imagery to keep the students deeply engaged throughout their mindful movement practice.

Where can we keep up with what you’re up to? You can find me on Instagram and Facebook @lisaeppen. You’ll come across stories and reels full of inspirational movements, humor, dogs, quotes and sayings I hope will resonate with you in a positive way. I’ll be working on a few upcoming events in the year 2023, so stay tuned!  

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