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The Essential Mindfulness Guide For Fitness Professionals

So many instructors and personal trainers (new and old) struggle with the little every day parts of their teaching. 

  • Ever feel like your students are a million miles away? 
  • Not sure how to motivate busy students to keep on track when they’ve got a never ending to-do list that’s competing for their attention?
  • Need to regroup when you entirely forget the choreo you planned?
  • Wondering how to get through to the client who goes through their entire workout with one AirPod in their ear?

You’re not alone. Certifications and comprehensive training prepare us for knowing the ins and outs of anatomy, exercise science, and how to use various pieces of equipment. They do not usually teach us how mindfulness can greatly enhance our skills as fitness professionals.

To save you from all the headache of trial and error, I created this guide to help…

✨The Essential Mindfulness Guide for Fitness Professionals ✨

I created this guide to help other group exercise instructors and personal trainers learn the fundamentals of mindfulness. 

This is your go-to for an overview of how mindfulness techniques can not only help your clients focus during their sessions, but also enhance self-awareness, learn how to be kind to their body, and build a stronger mind-body connection. 

What does all this mean for you as their group exercise instructor or personal trainer? 

Integrating mindfulness into your fitness programming will lead to clients who…

  • pay attention during your sessions and show up not just for you but for themselves 
  • are not as tempted to play the comparison game and instead focus on their own progress 
  • feel more connected to their body and recognize when they could benefit from a little more movement in their day
  • start to take ownership of their workouts, which is pivotal for exercise to become a lifelong practice 

The Essential Mindfulness Guide for Fitness Professionals contains an overview of what mindfulness is, how it can benefit your clients, five simple strategies for implementing mindfulness into your classes. All of this will help you teach truly transformative classes that elevate your clients’ mental and physical fitness and make yourself known as the instructor that goes above and beyond.

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