Authenticity in Action: Embrace Your Fitness Instructor Identity

If you were given 30 seconds to describe your teaching style, what would you say?

Regardless of how long you’ve been teaching, it can be difficult to describe your unique teaching style or what sets you apart. And it can be especially difficult if the vision you hold of a successful fitness instructor feels somehow contrary to the other identities and roles that define you.

In this workshop, you’ll explore the commonalities across the many identities that make up YOU and how you can weave these into your authentic style of teaching. So grab a pen and something to write on, because we’re diving deep and revealing the kind of instructor you are at your core.

Continuing to define your teaching identity…

If you feel like you’ve just barely scratched the surface of exploring your authentic identity, I highly recommend the book Welcome Home by Nejwa Zebian*. I encourage you to dive deeper into exploring both self-awareness and self-acceptance with her book, particularly the chapter on Building a Foundation. The first set of self-reflection questions in this workshop are my interpretation of how Nejwa’s guidance on finding your authentic self can be applied to defining your identity as a fitness instructor.

✨Bonus Content ✨

Journal Prompts:

As you continue to define your authentic teaching identity and unique style of teaching, the following prompts can help you paint a clearer picture of who you are as a fitness instructor.

  • I teach best when…
  • I am my most mindful while teaching when..
  • I am my most inspired to teach when…
  • I like to teach…(what ignites your passion to teach?)

Guided Meditation:

To accompany what you’ve discovered in this workshop, the guided meditation below can help you further explore your teaching identity through unconditional self-acceptance (Ellis, 1977).


Ellis, A. (1977). Psychotherapy and the value of a human being. Handbook of rational-emotive therapy, 1, 99-112.

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