Are shorter workouts worth it?

What do you think is the main reason people do not stick with a fitness program or workout plan?

  • a. lack of knowledge “I’m not really sure what I’m doing…”
  • b. lack of accessible gym equipment “I can’t find any dumbbells on Amazon…”
  • c. lack of time “I’m so busy, I just don’t know WHEN I’d workout…”

If you said C, you’re totally right! Perceived lack of time is the most commonly reported reason for not adhering to a workout program you signed up for. I totally get it. I’ve been there. You sign up for that 14 day free trial and never get around to trying more than 15 minutes of a workout because there’s that upcoming deadline for work, a class assignment you procrastinated, laundry to do, groceries to shop for, and oh no did you forget to feed the dog? We’ve all got a LOT on our plate. Even thinking about adding something else is overwhelming. The good news is, adding movement to your day (or week) doesn’t have to be this huge time sacrifice!

If you’re just starting out adding more movement into your day, it can be easy to assume you need to engage in these hour long workouts and end up drenched in sweat for it to count. No. You don’t, I promise. The reality is, even just ten minutes of exercise can be beneficial, especially if you’re currently more sedentary than you’d like to be. Both the Surgeon General and the American Heart Association recommend individuals engage in a total of at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week. That 150 minutes a week can be broken up into just 30 minutes a day on weekdays or, even further, a few 10-minute sessions of activity sprinkled into your day.

Those 10-minute sessions can include brisk walking with your dog in the morning, bicycling around the neighborhood after work, or even just working around the house (ever try lunges carrying that load of laundry down the hall?!). And the good news is, similar to Newton’s first law of motion, a body in motion is more likely to stay in motion, whereas a sedentary body is more likely to stay sedentary. This doesn’t mean you need to be “Go Go Go!” and working out all the time. It means that as you increase the amount of movement in your day, you’ll find it easier (and even more rewarding) to continue finding additional ways to stay active.

So yes, those 10-minute “mini” workouts are definitely worth it! As long as your workout is created and led by a skilled instructor who provides plenty of modifications and progressions so you feel challenged yet safe, then shorter workouts are a great way to workout.

Hopefully that eases a little stress over finding time to add some movement into your day today 🙂

P.S. If you’re looking for some shorter workouts that won’t take up a lot of your time, check out the videos in my video library.

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